Top 6 investment tips.

1 Set up an automatic investment account.

This allows money to be automatically deducted from your account into a savings account every month. This arrangement is good in that it prevents you from falling into the temptation of dragging your feet.

2 Invest early

You end up not having to put away too much money at once if you start investing at an early stage. The earlier you start investing the better.

3 Put some money aside in a retirement plan.

This will allow you to be comfortable even after you retire. Set aside some money for when you are old and no longer fit enough to work anymore. *

4 Be diverse.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Putting a little bit here and another little bit there will prevent you from too much loss should one investment take a dip.

5 Test your risk tolerance first.

Before you invest, have some self introspection. Know how much potential loss your mind and soul can fathom. This will you determine whether to make a riskier investment or not.

6 Keep yourself updated.

Keep yourself updated with the latest marketing trends. Stay informed about the latest market news. Verify your information with reliable print, media and online sources.

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