“Love your husbands so that they leave other husband’s wives alone”. Stunner dishes out some advice.

Stunner recently took to Instagram to give sound advice to the ladies. The singer penned down an emotional message to women about how they should treat their husbands. Stunner said women often impose certain conditions on how their husbands must conduct themselves and how they must treat them yet they hide their patners. He said men love to be showed off and to be showered with treats, a fact that most women miss.

The rapper attributed the issue of men going to look for small houses to lack of affection from their wives. He said men often go to dingy places where they are treated like kings rather than spending time with their own wives who fail to give them a dose of such treatment.

The singer appealed to the ladies to love their husbands unconditionally and to manifest that through action. He said this was the solution to end infidelity. He said men simply love to be pampered.

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