What steps can you take as a parent when you realize your child is being bullied at school?

Reassure your child that it is not his fault and that the problem can be resolved. Do not encourage retaliation as your child might get more hurt or be labelled as the problem.

2. Speak to the teacher or relevant authorities at school straight away. Do not let the so called trigger for being bullied be blamed such as your child’s dislike of sport, disability or problem at home. This cannot be used as an excuse for your child to be bullied.

3. If you believe your child is being made vulnerable, ask for some time to discuss your child’s needs as a family.

4. Focus on your child’s feelings rather than your own. This will encourage teachers to do the same. Ultimately it is your child’s feelings that matter.

5. Link what I going on outside of the classroom to what is happening inside it. Your child’s drop in grades might be caused by bullying.

6. Expect immediate action. It is always best to ensure that interventions to support your child are not delayed while teachers wait for a diagnosis.

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