13 important lessons that Fadzai Mahere learnt from Meghan and Harry.

The world watched in shock as royal family members Prince Harry and wife Meghan announced that they will be stepping back from being senior members of the royal family. Essentially, the couple has distanced itself from their positions but assured the world that they will honour their royal duties as required. Of course, social media was flooded with mixed reactions and our very own Advocate Fadzai Mahere had 13 important lessons to share fro the whole incident.

Here are Mahere’s words of advice pertaining to the issue.

1. Do what’s best for you.

2. Your mental health matters.

3. Don’t conform if conformity does not work for you.

4. Family first.

5. Choose happiness.

6. Create the life that you want.

7. Free yourself.

8. Fight back

9. You are never stuck.

10. Move

11. Money can always be made.

12. The world will adjust

13. Love wins

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