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Madam boss marvells at Nadia Nakai’s Redbat collection.

Madam boss really knows how or support local brands. The comedian recently posted a picture of herself wearing some hot stuff from Nadia Nakai’s collection. She marvelled at how Nadia had managed to infiltrate the fashion industry in South Africa. Madam boss said she had walked into a shop called Sportscene in South Africa and puzzled to see the store full of merchandise from Nadia x Redbat collection. Madam boss really showed how important it is to support a fellow sister and has been commended for her efforts. The black tee that Madam boss purchased is reminiscent of Nadia’s album titled Nadia Naked. Madam boss rocked it with some jeans.

Nadia has a huge collection of items from her Redbat collection including custom made sports bags, tights, hoodies and hats. Her style signifies urban pop culture. Coupled with colorful undertones and edgy designs, Nadia’s collection is definitely a hit. Madam boss encouraged people to support Nadia and said she was excited that a fellow Zimbabwean was doing amazing things just across the boarder. Nadia is an award winning singer and decided to also make a mark in the fashion industry. Her venture into clothes has been evidently successful.

Madam boss herself owns a shop that sells clothes and make up among other things. The show of support is indeed a commendable initiative considering how celebrities often feud over the success of the other.

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