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“She died before I made her proud”. Lorraine Guyo pays an emotional tribute to her mother.

Lorraine Guyo left us feeling all emotional after penning down a heartfelt message about her late mother. The comedian and brand ambassador said she is still hurt by the loss of her mother. She claimed life became tough for her after the passing on of her beloved mum. Lorraine also said she felt her mother had gone too soon, before she could make her proud. Lorraine described her mother as a fighter. She said her heroine had managed to fight more than ten operations. An image shared by Lorraine shows the striking resemblance between the two.

Lorraine’s mum would have indeed been proud of her daughter had she been alive. Lorraine managed to make her breakthrough into the arts industry in Zim. She has bagged several endorsements and recently launched her own company. She has been working closely with other prominent people in the arts industry such as Madam boss.

The heartbreaking message by Lorraine comes at a time when socialite Genius Kadungure is also mourning the death of his mother who recently passed away. Ginimbi said he had lost his pillar of strength in spite of having done everything that money could do to save her life. Fans have been consoling the two by sending messages of hope and encouraging them to move on.

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