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Kim Jayde reminisces on early days when she was broke.

Kim Jayde recently took some time to reflect on her past. The hotshot model and television presenter shared an inspiring memory of her early days as a model. She said she had attended castings at the President hotel in Cape Town. She wrote,”In my broke days i remember coming to this hotel for castings with fancy international clients”. Kim said she was now being flown to the same hotel to speak at an event and even staying there. Kim urged people to work hard and they will eventually see the results.

Kim started off from humble beginnings and once stated that she had to sleep on couches at friends’ houses when she started off her modelling career. The model’s lifestyle is now a far cry from the once struggling young lady who had come to South Africa to pursue her modelling career Although Kim is based in South Africa and has made a big name for herself there, she still acknowledges her roots.

The Zimbabwean born model often jets into the country and is always on the forefront of marketing positive things about her home country Kim recently registered her own company called KJPRODUCTIONS. She has become a phenomenal figure both on television and social media. She even bagged an award last year at the Panache women of excellence awards.

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