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Move over Mai Chisamba, there is a new talk show host in town!

Mai Titi is set to have her own talk show.The comedian,singer and business woman announced the news recently on her social media handles. She said the show will focus on real life issues, social and economic that affect everyday life. Mai Titi said the show will be streamed on most social media platforms and on ZBC tv. The new show will be called “For the Why?”, an indication of what is to come.

Mai Titi is indeed a good orator and will show showcase her skills on the show. She said those interested I. Taking part in the show will be ferried from town to the venue of the show and back. We can’t wait to see what the comedian has in store for her fans. Mai Titi has many followers and the show is expected to be a success. The comedian has been enjoying the limelight with her relationship to Zizo which has sparked debates on social media about the authenticity of the union. She has also been busy with running her lingerie shop at Joins City as well as touring various countries for her job as Master of ceremonies.

Mai Titi, born Felistas Murata is a hard-working single mother who has mastered the art of hustling. We guess Mai Chisamba had better watch out as there is a new talk show host in town, one who really knows her stuff. Mai Titi is also known for her good heart. Last Christmas she donated various goods at an opharnage in Mbare. She has also helped countless people including a pregnant lady that she took in as a maid when no one else could support her. Fans are pregnant with anxiety over the new show

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