Nation remembers Gushungo as 21st February movement fever kicks in

21 February was made a public holiday to commemorate the date former president RG Mugabe was born. The former leader of Zimbabwe who passed away last year made it a point to donate goods at martenity wards in public hospitals to this who would have given birth on this day. 21 February this year was a hard time for some Mugabe loyalists who have to come to terms with his passing on. Social media has been awash with messages of remembrance of the late former president and how things could have been had he been alive.

Mugabe ruled the country since independence until his removal from power in November 2017. Gushungo, as he was affectionately known, left an impressive legacy of sound education and other policies that people still brag about to this day. An excellent orator and academic himself, Mugabe advocated for land to be restored to black indigenous people. Most people have said in spite of having been a despotic ruler, they would have wanted Gushungo to be alive,well and celebrating his birthday in a country that he fought so hard to liberate.

Social media handles have been full of some of his famous quotes while whatsap chats and statuses have been telling a story of a man truly missed by the nation. The 21st February movement has since become a glorious day with people taking time out to braai, travel and simply relax.

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