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Seh Calaz breaks silence on Jah love drug issues and shares sweet throwback image while at it.

See Calaz has broken his silence and spoken out on the issue of drug abuse that is haunting fellow zimdancehall musician Soul Jah love. See Calaz shared a throwback pic with his friend, rival and brother in musical circles. He advised people not to be too quick to judge because they do not have full appreciation of what Soul Jah love is battling on a daily basis. Seh Calaz stated,”I think as a nation he needs more of our prayers, support and love”.

Jah love was recently detained by police on drug related charges. He was later on spotted at prophet Walter Magaya’s church as he sought spiritual intervention. The pamamonya ipapo hitmaker has been battling drug abuse for years. Even his ex wife Bounty Lisa once opened up about the singer’s struggle to control his drug addiction. Seh Calaz said public figures have to maintain that sanity but face hardships in private that most people would not know. He said Jah love has things going on in his life and like every other person is trying to pull it together. He stated,”It is easy to spend a lot of energy concentrating on keeping people happy and entertained but fighting personal battles without anyone noticing”.

Soul Jah love sought the intervention of prophet Magaya in 2018 and seemed to have let go of his drug addiction habit. The singer is however back again in the public eye with the same problem. It has been alleged that Jah love injects himself with popular street drugs that are easily available in Mbare and other areas. Seh Calaz asked people to introspect on songs by Jah love such as Kana ndafa and Ndimi Makauraya. He said these songs have a message that reveals Jah Love’s struggles and pain.

Soul Jah love is renowned for his catchy punchlines mad street lingo such as Chibaba, Mind your hokoso and Makuruwani. Last year, he collaborated with Queen Vee on a smashing club banger called Vavengi. He has released songs such as Ndini uya uya and Vakorinte. Most of his fans have been pleading with him to stop resorting to drugs and even offered help.

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