Student at a private school expelled for mocking teacher’s salaries

A student from Goldridge private school in Kwekwe has landed in hot soup after making a mockery of teacher’s salaries at his school. The student, whose father is believed to be a board member at the school is believed to have accessed the list from his father took a screenshot and posted it on his WhatsApp status. He then mocked and said even his father gave him more pocket money than this. This sparked outrage with the teachers expressing anger at his conduct.

The student has since been expelled from school after undergoing a disciplinary hearing It is alleged that the student had other pending cases of indiscipline and coupled with the recent scandal had to be expelled. Teachers have generally become a laughing stock due to he paltry salaries they are paid. Even after being offered a salary raise and a cushion allowance, they still remain underpaid

A few weeks ago, a woman who was seeking a protection order against a neighbor claimed the latter had mocked her for her government salary. Civil servants have become the least paid lot in the country

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