This is what Madam boss wants for Valentine’s day!

Local comedian Madam boss is already revelling in the spirit and glory of Valentine’s day. The lady of humour and business owner shared a breathtaking image all dressed up in a sexy blue dress and red heels. She said this was the kind of dressing that women ought to emulate for the big day which seeks to celebrate love. She however revealed her biggest Valentine’s day gift, her husband’s phone. Madam boss said she just wants to have Mhofela’s phone for the whole day. Actually she would like him to hand it over to her the night before the 14th.

She would really love to just browse through his files and does not want him to occasionally ask back for it until the end of the day. This wish has received a lot of backlash from the male specie citing that a phone is a private item only to be used by its rightful owner. Women on the other hand seconded Madam boss and said they would in fact love to spend the whole of Valentine’s day with the phones of their spouses.

Madam boss is known for starting these small debates that ultimately escalate into heated arguments online. She simply has that thing for rubbing off people, particularly men, the wrong way leading to frantic exchange of words online. Whatever the day will bring, flowers, chocolates,gifts or an intimate outing, Madam boss simply wants Mhofela’s phone.

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