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Top 5 celebrities who have hearts of gold and are not stingy

Some celebrities know the importance of giving back to the community. In spite of living luxurious lives some celebrities are really humble. We compile a list of the top five celebrities with hearts of gold.

1. Pokello

Pokello showed her good heart when she made a huge donation towards the treatment of veteran actor and comedian Lazarus Boora commonly known as Gringo. Pokello did not even want to share the donation and kept mum. It was only after Gringo’s wife publicly thanked her that it was confirmed that the socialite had paid for his medical expenses. Gringo had suffered stomach pains and gone for an emergency operation.

2. Mai Titi

Mai Titi donated various goods and spent the whole day with kids from an opharnage in Mbare during the Christmas period. Her show of love was commended by most. The comedian is known for helping other women and even took in a pregnant woman as a maid when no one else was willing to employ her. Mai Titi also once took a disabled drawing artist for lunch and spoiled him rotten. She indeed has a heart of gold.

3. Tinashe Mutarisi

Award winning business man and owner of Nash paints, Tinashe Mutarisi is no penny pinching man. He is known for his sweet character that has seen him donating to various music artists. Mutarisi loves to uplift young artists and most people have confessed that if you approach him seeking assistance he never withholds his hand.

4. Ruvheneko

Last year Ruvheneko received standing ovation when it emerged that she was paying school fees for a student. Ruvheneko had posted on her Instagram that she was proud of the young lady whom she had taken under her wing in terms of school expenses.

5. Strive Masiyiwa

Masiyiwa always donates for good cause. His company has a foundation that pays for various students at University. He has also been one to offer financial assistance when disassters strike such as when they were floods in Binga and during the cholera outbreak. Recently he managed to help out government by giving an incentive to doctors and free transport to work after they had gone on strike. He has been advocating for companies to come together and help in preparing resources should the Corona virus reach the country.

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