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5 celebrities that are confident and have self love

While some celebrities often lose confidence in public, this list is a compilation of those that exude confidence. Pokello Nare
Pokello made the headlines when her sextape with rapper Stunner was leaked. She was no perturbed. In fact, life continued on as normal for the socialite and she did not shy away from the public eye. She even dated other guys afterwards! Pokello receives a lot of backlash and criticism when she posts her images online but this has not deterred her from posting even more pics. Pokello is a clear cut example of a confident and sexy woman.

Kim Jayde
Kim is no stranger to having her affairs published due to her career as a model and television presenter. She is proud of her background, as well as her brown skin. She recently remarked on Instagram that a woman ought to be proud of her skin.

The plus size radio and television presenter has often spoken about confidence. She is proud of her body and can rock any clothes including swimsuits. The thick thighed presenter leads the pack when it comes to looking and feeling confidence and self love. She once penned down a love letter to her body.

Olinda Chapel
Ma Nandi is one woman that we all applaud. She is not bothered by negative comments about herself and often claps back at trolls. In spite of having gone through a lot in her life including a failed marriage to Stunner and later Tytan, she continues to dish out some self love to herself. Olinda is a woman of steel.

Loraine Guyo
She started off as one of the most talked about young people when he “ndinyengeiwo” video sent social media into overdrive. She is now one of the most sought after young celebrities in the country. Lorraine is a force to be reckoned with in the arts industry.

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