Image of Greatman and wife kissing causes furore

Musician Greatman recently sent social media into overdrive after sharing an image of himself and his wife cuddling and kissing. The wheelchair bound singer was snuggly sitting in his wife’s hands whilst enjoying an intimate kiss proving that disability does not mean inability. The picture has led to mixed reactions on the internet with some people admiring the two for their love and affection.

Others, however had no kind words for the singer and his wife and said the fact that his wife had to carry him in her arms showed his inability to perform.

The two faced a lot of criticism after it emerged they had gotten married. Greatman defended his choice and said his wife loved him unconditionally and was not after his money. He said the couple did no owe anyone an explanation.

Greatman was born disabled and rose to fame after releasing a touching song about the way disabled people are treated. He even collaborated with Sulumani Chimbetu on the song

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