Pokello lambasted for pimping Jackie Ngarande to Mthuli Ncube

Most of you have been wondering where is Jackie Ngarande and why has she gone quiet ? . Jackie is now our official “Amai vakabata homwe yenyika ” A source revealed that she was on a shopping spree in America and she was quiet about it because it was proudly sponsored by our Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube .

The rumour mill is that Pokello introduced Jackie to the finance minister and two hit the ground running. Pokello and Jackie are very close friends.

A close source said that Mthuli Ncube gave Jackie strict rules and at some point he wanted her to delete her instagram but she begged . He said he doesn’t like social media scandals and he never wants his name to be associated with hers hence she wasn’t posting anything , she was told to lay low the same way you’ve been seeing Queen Of Swagger Pokie laying low .

Jackie was also told not to post her car as yet . You will see it soon .They were both given strict instructions.They are both enjoying tax payers money underground She has been sneaking in and out of the country to USA , Paris and was on a secret holiday in Indonesia . Rumour has it that her house which is being built is now at window level, tax payers money .

Jackie is not new to scandals but this one has had the whole country up in arms against the finance minister for squandering taxpayers money on mistress. Mthuli is already unpopular because of his failed economic policies. Even his last budget was a flop.

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