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Ray vines unveils funky face masks

Ray vines is trending following his recent release of branded face masks. The young comedian owns his own fashion label called Mukukuzvi. He recently showed some of the latest samples from his brand, some face masks to prevent against the spread of the corona virus.

Of course, his loyal fans were thrilled at the new and vowed to purchase the new stock. They commended him for showing such an initiative during this critical time. They even commented on his ability to add some swag to simple things such as a face mask.

Others, however, had no kind words for Ray and lambasted him for trying to take advantage of the global disaster that has taken over the world. They said he was trying to profit unjustly. Others accused him of fuelling speculation that the virus had reached the country when no confirmed cases had been officially announced. They claimed he was causing panic.

The crux of the matter is that everyone ought to take precautionary measures to combat the virus and Ray has shown that he is level headed. Although most people are not wearing face masks in Zimbabwe, it still remains an important act meant to ensure that people are safe and do not contract the virus.

A roll out of hand washing basins has even been done in crowded areas and people are encouraged to was hands often with soap or to apply hand sanitizers.

Ray has shown his entrepreneurial skills and continues to inspire other young people to make an initiative during times like these. The branded face masks are available in different colours

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