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“I learn 4 new things everyday” Tinashe Mutarisi

Tinashe Mutarisi is a man on a mission. A mission to learn four new things everyday. The award winning business mogul said he had his eyes opened at a funeral. A person came up to him and started firing a barrage of questions at him. Tinashe said he failed to understand why the person was asking him so many things and had to enquire. It was then that the young man told him that he was in the habit of learning three new things every day and on that particular day he wanted to learn for the whole week.

Mutarisi said he woke up to a realisation that it is important for people to employ such daily habits to improve their know how. He said he now strives to learn four things daily. Mutarisi is indeed one of the most sought after business minds in the country and has a thriving paint business called Nash paints. He has won several awards for his outstanding work.

Most of his followers said they will emulate his routine and try to learn new things everyday. Mutarisi is also a philanthropist and sponsors a lot of artists. His love for arts and showbiz is no secret.

Most young people can indeed take a leaf from Mutarisi and add to their knowledge on a daily basis.

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