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Killer T donates to the elderly in Mbare

Killer T has a good heart. The zimdancehall artist recently launched his Killer T foundation that seeks to help the underprivileged in society. He recently donated goods to residents of Mbare where he grew up. Killer T knows the pain of lacking as he grew up in a poor environment after both his parents passed away when he was still young. He has previously shared the struggles he faced when growing up and how he rose from extreme poverty to riches. The singer is indeed a living example that miracles can happen.

The Killer T foundation is funded by the singer himself. It’s motto is “Ngatisimukei pamwechete” literally translating to “Let’s rise together”. The singer has been commended for showing goodwill and love to fellow human beings at a time when the rich and famous frown upon those that are underprivileged in society.

Mbare indeed holds a special place in the singer’s heart because that is where he grew up. It is also the place where his talent was recognized. Killer T has released songs such as Makarova gunners, Tiri kunanaira and Hazvigone. His music appeals mainly to people from the ghetto as he highlights their daily struggles in his lyrics. Killer T’s foundation has been seen as a ray of light to those that are underprivileged. Very few celebrities would think of setting up such a noble institution after amassing lots of money but Killer T has proved the contrary.

Killer T has a huge fan base and most people have applauded him for his heroic actions

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