Misred, Zuva and Pokello become latest victims of cyber bullying

A certain person only identified as Shadaya has been hitting at female celebrities online. The troll went on a social media rant, attacking female influencers such as Olinda Chapel, Misred, Zuva Habane and Pokello. The relatively unknown Shadaya has since become a topical subject online.

In a direct attack, Shadaya said Misred was not supposed to complain about men being a problem when she had babies with different men. This did not go down well with Maynard, Misred’s ex who cleared the air on that issue. He said Misred had moved on with her life after he had cheated on her with another woman and that she was justified. He also said he did not appreciate Shadaya blurting out things about his ex that he did not know about.

Shadaya also came guns blazing at Zuva Habane and lambasted her for hosting a divorce party. In true urban tete style, Zuva lashed out at Shadaya and told him to sit down. She said his behaviour showed lack of self confidence and assumed he was the kind of men that had always been unlucky with the ladies hence the bitterness. Zuva also put him in his place.

Olinda was said to be a cry baby who was always shedding tears for younger men. Olinda advised Shadaya to find a job. She said he did not, by any chance, fit into the tax brackets of the women that he was busy attacking and his opinion was virtually useless.

Most people have been castigating Shadaya for his relentless behaviour and for venting out his frustrations at famous people. Others called his attacks a publicity stunt gone wrong. Cyber bullying has become common in Zimbabwe and some people have had to deal with mean comments online.

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