“Zimbabweans not allowed to drink alcohol during the lockdown” Police lay down the law

Beer lovers have aired out their disgruntlement at the ban on the selling of alcohol during the 21 days countrywide that was declared by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.The ban was effected from Thursday 2 April 2020.Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told the media that those who defy the directive will be heavily punished.

He remarked “The lockdown measures were clearly stated and in light of ensuring that we fight Covid-19, there will be no sale of alcohol at any point in places like bottle stores and supermarkets. This comes as we have realised that people who buy alcohol at supermarkets are giving us challenges. They buy and drink as groups, be it either in their vehicles or places of residence thereby defying social distancing.”Action will be taken on all those who will defy the order and sell alcohol at any bases. The police have started to take full action and will be visible on the ground throughout the lockdown.”

Most people have said the ban is an affront to human rights and that they are entitled to have a drink of choice. Some people seem not to be taking the issue of the coronavirus seriously and police ha arrestee over a hundred people seen at drinking hotspots such as shebeens.

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