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Mai Titi revels in wedding day memories

Comedian and singer Felistas Murata commonly lh known as Mai Titi shared a rare photo of herself in the old days. The lady of many talents took fans down memory lane with a throwback image of her wedding day.

An innocent faced and beautiful lady glares into the camera clad in a princess bridal crown and wedding dress. Mai Titi looked thrilled and totally in love on her wedding day. However, to zap back viewers from the blissful movie forming in their minds, Mai Titi said it was a decision that she lived to regret. She compared her ex husband to a ‘Shurugwi’ a popular reference to the notorious good panners. The sentiment itself reveals the bitterness that the comedian has towards her ex husband whom she often accused of having infected her with HIV.

Mai Titi is enjoying her single life and raising he two daughters. Of course, her public going with a younger man last year raised eyebrows and get some were hoping the two would eventually get married. The relationship ended abruptly and Mai Titi has since made it clear that she will not be running back into the arms of Zizo.

Most of her fans said it is very strange to imagine their favorite comedian getting married or settling down as they are used to seeing her living a care free life without having to worry about marital issues.

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