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Misred pens down yet another love letter

Misred penned down yet another love letter to her body recently. The radio and television personality did the same thing last year. Misred said she still felt the same way about her body image just as she had expressed in her previous letter.

Misred had her fans all emotional.last year when she showed some self love and also encouraged women with big bodies to embrace themselves. She said society viewed thick thighs as being vulgar, kinky hair as making one look second class and that the black skin was ugly. She said this notion was wrong and women ought to embrace how they were created. In the letter, Misred appealed to all women to love their bodies and advised people to desist from body shaming.

This year, Misred came back with the same sentiments. She questioned why someone her size would be shunned for wearing a bikini. She said people should accept their differences. The television host also highlighted the impact of social media in influencing society to set certain standards and norms.

Misred is one of the few women in television who is not afraid to flaunt her curves. She can rock any outfit with confidence. She does not even shy away from wearing swimwear and in her letter, she queried whether it would be practical for a woman to wear a dress to go for a swim.

Other celebrities have been on the forefront, advocating for the eradication of body shaming. Too among them is Madam boss who has had her fair share of controversy and branded slutty due to her fashion choices.

Misred was commended for her words of encouragement. Most people said her words were uplifting and informative in light of how women are perceived in society.

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