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Olinda hits Stunner with the mother of all clap backs

Olinda is not backing down these days. The socialite recently clapped back yet again at former husband Stunner. The whole drama started when Stunner posted that some people do not let things pass them and simply involve themselves in matters that do not concern them.

The comment seemed to be a direct jab at Olinda Chapel who recently made a payment to one lady who claimed the prophet Passion Java owed her some money after renting chairs from her. She said he had never made the payment for the use of the chairs. With her heart of gold, Olinda had paid out the money citing that we all need to be our sister’s keepers. Stunner then posted that some people must let other things pass them.

An enraged Olinda wrote,” Hoto ndiwe unoroora mukadzi kuti akuchengetere gero friend” literally translated to mean, you are the prostitute that marries a wife to take care of your girlfriend. Stunner’s insensitive comment seemed to have opened old wounds on Olinda and she quicky rushed to remind him of the time they split up after it emerged that all the money that he was siphoning from her was going towards the upkeep of his then girlfriend Dyonne. Olinda has not forgotten.

The two former lovers have been taking jabs at each other for years. Even after Olinda moved on to get married to Tytan, Stunner was still throwing shade at her. She is now responding and clapping back big time. Their previous encounter saw Olinda accusing Stunner of speaking negatively about her when she had merely promoted his “Gara mumba iwe” performance considering that she has a large num er of followers

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