Procurement company inflates prices of covid 19 PPE

There has been outrage over information that recently came to light regarding the procurement of covid 19 protective equipment. With the corona virus pandemic reaching an all time high world wide Zimbabwe has no been spared. Cases have now risen to 132 in the country.

Government recently roped in a local company Drax international LLC to procure masks and other items needed to combat the spread of the virus. The prices of these items as confirmed by the company have left many people dry mouthed. N95 masks being sold worldwide at USD 4 were said to have been purchased at USD 28 by the company. People have spoken it against the inflating of prices at such a critical time to further the interests of a few individuals at the expense of the whole nation.

What further infuriated people is that the company said to have been offered a USD 988 000 tender to do the procurement allegedly belongs to ED’s son Collins. This means the first family has some serious issues to address. The company had previously donated USD 200 000 to the president.

Inflating of prices is no new thing to the local cooporate world. Items bought at a low price will have the price doubled or trippled with no one being asked to account for the discrepancy.

The finance minister and the said company have come under fire for trying to pull wool over people’s eyes. Most people are starving during this lockdown period. Businesses are not functioning properly. This is what has has prompted people to lambast government for having misplaced priorities and for not taking into consideration the basic needs of people

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