Top 10 tips to rock your exams

1 Have a study schedule setting out what you intend to read and and what time. Be realistic because setting artificial goals may eventually just drain your energy.

2 Have a desk in your room. A proper study station is essential to keep you going. Also have a quiet corner in your room where you can read.

3 Research on what the exam involves. This involves perusing previous exam papers and being familiar with the format of exam settings.

4 Draw out some mind maps to collect ideas and summarize thoughts. Using bright colours will help recall important links. Rhymes and associations can also help.

5 Take frequent breaks to keep your mind awake.

6 Get help. Summarize and study with someone at time.

7 Stick to a routine of going to bed early, eating regurlaly to maintain blood sugar, drinking lots of water to remain hydrated and making some time to have some fun and exercise will do you some good.

8 Avoid fast food as far as possible as the resulting crash in blood sugar could leave you feeling goat and tired

9 Over exam time reduce added family commitments and stay away from people that nag.

10 Avoid fizzy drinks or drinks with caffeine or keep them at a minimum as these stimulants can increase agitation

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