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Decibel fumes over fake twitter account

Decibel has been breathing over a cake twitter account purpoted to be his. The urban grooves crooner took a jab at journalists for having published I formation pertaining to the release of new music by himself published on the fake twitter account without bothering verify if it was true.

Decibel gave a strong tongue lashing to media houses for simply lapping up lies on social media and then publishing them as if they were true. He castigated the behaviour of merely publishing information without verifying its source. Decibel also fumed at the fact that the media houses love to publish false statements and yet when he gives an official statement, it never gets the limelight.

Decibel is now based in the U.K. He topped the charts back in the days with songs such as Chido and Nakai. Decibel is one of the pioneers of urban grooves music in Zimbabwe together with other artists such as Nox Guni, Exq and Sani Makhalima. His melodious voice and lyrical flow won over the hearts of many.

Fans have been calling for a comeback album from the artist since he hung up his microphone. When the fake twitter account published that new music was on its way, the streets of social media went crazy.It remains to be seen whether the singer will indeed release something for his fans that have been longing for new music from him.

Decibel’s music appealed to both the young and the old. He played a crucial role in shaping up the music industry in Zimbabwe.

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