“I’m angry but what can I do? ED decries corruption

ED has caused furore following some sentiments that he uttered recently during an interview. Speaking on the issue of corruption ED said he is very much disturbed and angry at the way corruption has become so rampant in the country but he is powerless. He pleaded, “I’m angry but what do I do?

The video has caused so much outrage and most people have been speaking out against his line of action. The president also affirmed that there is a “catch and release” stance by the relevant authorities such as Zacc. He said he was also frustrated by the current situation in which those arrested for corruption are granted bail or have their matters postponed indefinitely. The president said there is nothing that he himself can do.

The statement has angered many people with some labelling him a toothless bulldog. He has since become the major subject of ridicule on social media. Indeed there have been a spate of cases involving the arrest of corrupt officials but only one has been concluded. The former deputy minister of energy Samuel Undenge has been the only official prosecuted and and convicted. People have been accusing Zacc officials of letting criminals off the hook by their catch and release formula.

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