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Mai Titi drops damning V11’s on Passion Java

Mai Titi and Prophet Passion Java and Mai Titi are certainly keeping social media users entertained with their public fight. The two have been at each other’s throats after their explosive social media fall out on Monday night.

The controversy started when Passion Java held a live video on social media and he revealed that Mai Titi had begged him to buy her a car because he had done the same for Madam boss. He also made a number of claims about the comedian and ended up saying he did no have a relationship with her.

Mai Titi, as per her usual style, exploded into a fit o rage. She accused the man of God trying to make people his slaves. She made it clear that she is not scared of him. She also said she is no interested in the prophet’s “dirty money” and claimed she never at any time asked for a car. She also posted that the Lamborghini allegedly owned by the prophet was not his and the owners had even contacted her to confirm

The visibly angry comedian had a mouthful for the man of cloth. She also queried his source of wealth. Mai Titi said Prophet Passion must not rub christians the wrong way because they are his major source of wealth. She alleged the prophet was in the habit of making people pay USD 20 so that he could pray for them. She went on a tirade of allegations which revealed a lot about the prophet including allegations of adultery. Mai Titi said she had proof of the prophet banging some other women.

Passion seems to have been affected by the rant and tendered an apology to Mai Titi to which she responded and said that it meant nothing

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