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Lady Zamar on dealing with social media and negativity

South African house music sensation Lady Zamar had a few words of advice. The singer gave her own take on dealing with social media and the negativity that she gets. Lady Zamar said she uses everything that is thrown at her to become a better and stronger person. The singer indeed dishes out the best advice ever considering that being in the public eye means being hit at now and then.

Lady Zamar also encouraged people to improve themselves from within. She wrote on her Instagram, “Remember only you have the power to change your destiny, change your fate and make something of your life”. The award winning singer clearly knows how to stay in control of her life.

Lady Zamar is one of the most sought after female musicians in South Africa. Songs such as Collide placed her at the apex of the music industry. It is mainly her soulful voice and sweet charisma that fans can’t get over. She also has a beautiful character to go along with her talent. She has proved to be a heavyweight on the music scene.

Lady Zamar also knows her stuff when it comes to performing at live shows. This, coupled with her melodious voice, has made her a household name in South Africa

Her advice has been hailed by fans as great words of wisdom. While some people might crumble at the pressure imposed by being in the public eye and the negative comments that usually flood their social media handles, Lady Zamar is clearly no weakling. Other celebrities could certainly take a leaf from the singer.

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