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Misred voices her concerns against stereotypes against women

Misred has been speaking out against those that try to dissuade women from airing out their views. The radio and television presenter scoffed at societal stereotypes on women. She wrote, “We live in an era where, when a woman has an opinion she is “difficult”, or if she is confident enough to be herself with no remorse she is labelled “Hure” …. This is 2020, Come with facts and challen our opinions based on that, not stupid conjecture”.

Misred has often spoken out against degradation of women. The plus size presenter has also been raising awareness on the issues surrounding how plus size women ought to dress up. She said people often judge big people and out in place fashion barriers which are not warranted.

Last year the presenter penned down a love letter to her own body. In it she said she embraced her curves and was proud of her own choices. Misred does not shy away from dressing up in a way she feels is perfect for her. She can easily rock a swimsuit just as she can rock a glamourous red carpet dress. She has been seen as the ideal voice for heavily built women who often had to change their fashion choices because of the way society perceives a certain way of dressing to be inappropriate.

Other celebrities that have also been standing up for women are Madam boss and Pokello

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