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Passion Java sets tongues wagging by claiming he lived next door to Mugabe

Controversy seems to follow Passion Java wherever he goes. The man of God has caused commotion once again on social media following an interview held in Jamaica. After being asked by the presenter whether he had any links to the Mugabe family, Passion said he had at one point lived next door to the Mugabe household in Borrowdale. This claim has set tongues wagging on social media and most people have labelled the man of cloth a serial liar. It is not known to this publication whether indeed the prophet lived next door to the Mugabe residency but fans have pointed out that his smug face when he made that claim said otherwise.

Passion also revealed in the interview that his own brother had become a millionaire at the age of 21. A closer look at his older brother Simba, who was recently trending for claiming to be broke and homeless in South Africa would also reveal otherwise. His other brothers are also known to be ordinary people living ordinary lives. This has left social media users baffled and questioning who the alleged millionaire brother is.

Passion has often come under fire for bragging about his wealth which no one seems to know the origins. He is currently embroiled in a social media war with prominent business man Ginimbi. The tiff war between the two is to determine who is richer between the two.

Passion has various luxurious assets including a Lamborghini. He recently bought another one for his wife as a birthday present. He also has a wide collection of expensive designer clothes, custom made phones and he loves to show them off. Some have made claims that all these assets ,in fact, do not belong to him.

Although the Jamaican interview is not a recent one, people have still questioned the authenticity of what Java said. Others have even questioned his calling as a religious prophet

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