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Somizi relives his last moment with his mum

Somizi shared an emotional message recently about his last moments with his mum, veteran actress Mary Twala. The star said he was devastated to learn of his mother’s death at Parklane private hospital just as he was on his way to drop off her gown. Somizi relived the moment that the doctor had advised him that his mum was up and all jolly. He then made his way to hospital but when he arrived there a few minutes later, she was gone.

Somizi and his superstar mum shared a special bond. The two were the best of friends. Somizi often threw lavish birthday parties for her and on her last birthday he gave her 79 000 rands, to commemorate her 79 years of living. His mum was also a great pillar of strength when he came out in the open about being gay. She was with him all the way, and had a great time on his traditional wedding.

Mary Twala was a seasoned actress, having been in the industry for decades. She was particularly adored for her several roles on the screen including in the hit series Skwizas. Even in her old age, she was still so vibrant and loving. She was also one of the recipients of a prestigious award by the president Cyril Ramaphosa.

Somizi said his mum had passed on on the day of his late father’s birthday. She had left peacefully in her bed at the hospital. Mary’s contribution to the development of the arts industry in South Africa can never be underestimated. She was one of the few women that managed to make it big in such a male dominated industry. Most people expressed their condolences to Somizi on the passing of his mum on Saturday.

As if this tragedy was not enough to cause him heartache, Somizi also shared news that a close friend of his passed away overseas from covid 19. The star is evidently dealing with a lot at the moment

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