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Takura poses a difficult question

Takura took to social media to air out what he believes to be an important discussion. The award winning rapper said 99% of Ndebele people out in effort to learn the Shona language but the Shona people did not have interest in learning Ndebele. He then questioned why that was the case. This query has been trending online and people had divergent views on the matter.

The famous Mr “ok ok” received various comments from followers with most people generally accepting that Shona is an easy language and that anyone could easily learn to speak it which could not be said for Ndebele. Others claimed the singer was now trying to be tribalistic and did not give him an answer to his question.

Takura is one of the country’s finest rappers. Although he seemed to have stepped away from the limelight, he recently released his new video and proved once again that he is no ordinary singer. Fans love his hit songs such as Mai Mwana. The rapper has collaborated with various singers such as the likes Tammy Moyo.

While most Ndebele speaking people can fluently speak the Shona language, it is indeed true that most Shona people do not reciprocate.

Takura’s question might however have left a bitter taste in the mouths of some of his followers who also claimed that he was insinuating that Shona people choose not to love those that are not of their tribe by choosing not to learn their language.

Takura himself can speak both languages well. The hip hop artist might have to stick to doing what he knows best which is making hit songs as the response on social media showed that people did not appreciate his line of questioning

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