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“Van Choga must switch to hip hop” fans advise

The long awaited collaboration between local zimdancehall sensation Van Choga and Ghana’s own AY Poyoo is finally out. The song is titled Ghetto Chronicles and has been trending on social media. The two artists hooked up after several calls by their fans to work together on a single.

Most people were astonished to hear Van Choga actually sounding better in a hip hop song. Most of his fans actually advised the controversial chanter to switch to hip hop citing that he is gifted with a lyrical flow that would compliment hip hop music rather than zimdancehall. Others said hip hop would also be more marketable on the international scene than zimdancehall.

The latest track is a classic work of art and show cases the natural talent that the two artists are endowed with. While Van Choga’s lines are more laid back than his signature singing style, AY Poyoo gives a unique flow. Both artists have been commended for a job well done.

Not so long ago, the internet was busy comparing the best of the two between Van Choga and AY Poyoo. The debate led to an idea that the two should in fact collaborate on a track. The wishes of fans of both artists were granted when it was announced that they had hooked up and we’re working together on a single.

AY Poyoo is a famous name in Ghana. The artist is known for his originality and for referring to himself as a real goat. His videos have taken over the internet as he swims in muddy waters or mingles with real goats. Van Choga on the other hand is a household name locally. He is also known for his crazy stunts and weird videos which have become addictive for most people. His signature afro is also one of the features that fans love.

Ghetto Chronicles has so far been positively reviewed

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