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Enzo ishall throws shade at former benefactor

Fans have been wondering if all is well between Enzo Ishall and his former handler Teemak. The zimdancehall chanter recently threw his former right hand man under the bus. Mr Styllz has been labelled as poor cousin on social media on several occasions.This follows after Styllz’s fall out with comedian and influencer DJ Towers.It appears Enzo Ishall has taken Towers’ side after he went on attacking him on social media. Most people were shocked to learn of the new development

The Kanjiva was endorsing fashion designer Ric Chasers when he threw some shade on Styllz.“Dakutenda nemasinhi uri kundigadzirira, ndini ndega ndanga ndasara, wakagadzirira vana Ginimbi nana Pokello.“Uri kushada ndinechingoma chandiri kuda kubuditsa ndoda kuti utondipfekedza.“Soo hona zi mension, kwete zviye zviye zvevaya vaya vanoda kutinyepera vematint,” said Enzo Ishall.

Fans did not take it lightly since Enzo once benefited from the friendship.Mr Styllz who hosted a yatch party recently might have responded in action.Styllz hosted a party oversees and it attracted a number of merry-makers.

Enzo ishall has had fall out with several of his allies in the past. Even his departure from Chillspot records was marred with controversy. The singer seems to be rubbing shoulders with the elite nowadays as evidenced by his recent might of partying alongside queen of swagger Pokello and millionaire Ginimbi.

Enzo ishall is famous for songs such as Kanjiva, Matsimba and 50 Magate. He has emerged as one of the best musicians in the country.

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