Prophet Makandiwa unravels deeper mysteries

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa had social media users glued to their screens recently when he unravelled a series of deep mysteries. The man of cloth took some time to interpret some vital bible scriptures leaving most people nodding in agreement. In a late night live session, Makandiwa dished some advice on personal as well as national issues.

The prophet spoke of various important topics include the importance of honouring women. He said failure of a man to give respect and honour to his wife will ultimately hinder his prayers from reaching God. He also said the nation must recognise the role of women in the spiritual realm and how their ill treatment can stall national progress.

Makandiwa also clarified on the difference between the spirit and the soul. He went deeper to explain the dynamics behind the death of a person and the roles of the physical body as well as the spirit. His session drew a lot of attention as thousands of people tuned in to witness some vital religious myths being clarified.

Makandiwa has a large following at his UFIC church. He is among some of the most famous prophets in the country. His laid back character has earned him so much respect over the years. He also gained popularity when he foretold the coming of the corona virus

Most people expressed gratitude at being taught some valuable lessons. They said the deviation from the usual gospel of prosperity and riches by common man of God was a breath of fresh air. This new message seemed to be a direct letter from God himself to the whole nation.

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