Top 10 most stylish men of God of 2020

The current breed of religious leaders knows how to slay. This is the most stylish men of cloth of 2020.

1 Prophet Passion Java
The outspoken and controversial preacher has an insatiable appetite for dressing up in designer clothes. He even clinched a deal with fashion powerhouse Gucci.

2 Emmanuel Makandiwa
He is a natural when it comes to looking dope. Makandiwa is not your average preacher. He loves to look good. He mainly loves to dress up in designer suits with a clean finish

3 Francis Maurukira
He is a pastor for a church known as Glorious Life Ministries. The young man of cloth has style and swag. He can rock any look ranging from a smart, formal look to a casual, street smart style.

4 Oscar Pambuka
While some might have criticised his new locks, Pastor Pambuka stepped out in his own unique style.

5 Uerbet Angel
The humble faced US based preacher loves to wear classy apparel. He often wears matching clothes with his wife Beverly and the two are good at slaying together.

6 Ezekiel Guti
The leader and founder of Zaoga church dresses cleanly in spite of his old age. Baba Guti as he is affectionately known, loves white suits and tuxedos. For someone so old, we have to give to him.

7 Walter Magaya

He has not been very vocal this year but the few times that people have spotted Walter Magaya have seen him stepping out in style.

8 Prophet T Freddy

Prophet Freddy loves to dress up as if he is going to some heavenly meeting. He completes his swanky looks with a cool,wavy hairdo.

9 Prophet Bushiri

Although controversy seems to follow this South African based prophet from Malawi, this has not weaned him of his fashion sense. Bushiri commands a lar following in Zimbabwe and was rumoured to have dated Terrence Mukhupe’s ex girlfriend Rachel J.

10 Minister Mahendere

Well, need we say more when it comes it how clean shaven and stylish this gospel singer is.

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