Shingi Munyeza suffers humiliation after being caught pants down

It seems as if the issue of cheating and adultery has become a common phenomenon in the country. The latest victim of an adulterous scandal is man of God Dr Shingi Munyeza.

The man of cloth opened up about having gone on the wrong path that resulted in him cheating on his wife. The skeleton came tumbling out of the closet after the prophet’s daughter reprimanded him for being a terrible husband on social media.

Munyeza had written a sweet birthday message for his wife on social media. While most people commended him for showing love to his patner, his daughter came down guns blazing on him and accused him of cheating. She said he had no right to claim that he loved his wife when he had done an evil deed of cheating on her. The daughter decided to air all the dirty laundry for the public to see.

Munyeza was forced to step down as a pastor due to the allegations. He also acknowledged the affair and wrote,” Recently I allowed myself into a situation where I fell morally, I failed my wife and family,I failed the church that I am part of. I therefore seek your forgiveness. I’m stepping down to I introspect and be restored. I covet your prayers and support. God bless you all”. Prior to him stepping down, Munyeza was the spiritual leader of Faith ministries.

Men of cloth have proved to be nothing more than just ordinary human beings. Prophet Walter Magaya was accused of rape by several women, Martin Gumbura is languishing in prison for allegedly raping more than ten women in his church while Pastor Branson separated from his wife last year and cheating allegations.

Most people have applauded the pastor for telling the truth and for acknowledging his mistake. He is said to have made the honourable decision of apologising to his wife and church

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