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What exactly caused beef between Mudiwa Hood and Tino Chinyani

Mudiwa Hood is known for his sharp tongue. The rapper never dissapointed when it comes to clapping back when he feels that he has been insulted. This can be seen in his various exchanges with fellow rapper Stunner. The latest victim of his scathing attacks is SA based model Tino Chinyani. Here is the full statement from Mudiwa as he breathed fire.


I rarely respond to insults but wandijairira!Before the insult, trust me I didn’t know you. Zimcelebs stole my pic and put up a very provocative caption jus to have people diss me, something i wish they could stop😞.You came, saw it and attacked me, which wasn’t cool at all considering you didn’t know me and neither did I.

Listen, we come from two different worlds and backgrounds.I am a ghetto boi who grew up with nothing not even a bed and i ain’t ashamed. I used to sleep parukukwe chaipo something u know nothing about. I have worked my way to be here and the few things i have now, I celebrate them unapologetically. I know poverty cause i lived it, thats why I help people, give food and money to those in need…have you ever helped any Zimbo iwewe or Zimbos there in SA who are struggling to make ends meet in this Lockdown? selfish kid…u jus know flooding naked pictures of your guvhu dende on social media…You are a just a scruffy 20something teenager, whose mouth stinks 😷, wears dirty socks & shoes to a pro shoot😳, even in primary school i never wore dirty socks.

When it comes to being SMART, both the mind n looking smart, you can take notes! You grew up a privileged n spoiled kid who knows nothing about hustling thats why you been hitting on old cougars who are rich and paying for your trips and buying u things…you are 9 years or so younger in your entanglement, and you call that hustling? I am here where i am today, without having any naked pic flying around and no cougar on sight.

I am self made, ofcourse i am not where i want be yet but definitely not where i was yesterday.You can call my small achievements Nonsense but everything I own was paid for cash, not financing that you guys enjoy dat side… You can put up all flashy cars you want but you are yet to pay 90% of the money😔,And we dont rate as that as SUCCESS over here…NO, Zimbos here own things and we are better than you, I am into real estate, banking, music, branding, philanthropy and transforming lives. Something I cant let a guvhu dende of a parasite that survives on vulnerable women for a living, to disrepect me over.

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