Celebrities who called it quits in 2020

While love might seem like something that lasts for eternity, this cannot be said for the following celebrities who decided to part ways in 2020. Here are the top ten couples that broke up this year.

1 Mai Titi and Zizoe

Mai Titi and her Ben 10 Zizoe raised eyebrows when they made their relationship public. The two were all over each other and often flaunted images of their various outings. Then they dropped a major bombshell, they had gone their separate ways. What followed was a social media war between the two with various insults being hurled end to the other. Talk of love turning sour.

2 Seh Calaz and Moira Knight
Moira took to social media to air their couple’s dirty laundry. She accused the zimdancehall musician of neglecting her and their son and shared images of their home which had a ripped sofa. This led to their separation and Seh Calaz confirmed that the two were no longer and item.

3 Prophet Branson and wife
Of course, men of God are not spared from the problems associated with marriage. Prophet Branson and his wife were reported to have separated this year.

4 Mudiwa Hood and Angelica
Hip hop artist Mudiwa and his beautiful wife Angelica also called it quits on their marriage amid cheating allegations on the part of the rapper. Sadly, this happened soon after the couple welcomed their son.

5 Constantino Chiwenga and Marry
The vice president and his model wife had a very ugly and public split this year. Their divorce proceedings have not yet been finalised but there was so much publicity surrounding their marital woes which stemmed from allegations of attempted murder in that Marry had tried to kill the veteran vice president and health minister.

6 Kembo Mohadi and wife
Their divorce was finalized this year and the vice president walked out of his marriage to wife of more than three decades. Her later claim for an increase in maintenance fees was later dismissed by the High court.

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