Madam boss gloats about recent outing with bae

Madam boss and her husband Ngoni are giving social media users something to talk about. The couple was recently spotted on a romantic outing. The two have always raised eyebrows about the nature of their relationship. While social media has been awash with comments about their marriage being a total farce, the couple has always maintained that they are the real deal. Judging by their recent outing, all is definitely well in their household.

Madam boss has been bombarded with numerous hate comments regarding her relationship with her husband. She has even been called a prostitute at times but her marriage to husband and business partner has beaten the test of time. The two even have an adorable daughter.

Madam boss gloated about her recent outing with her husband. Clad in a tiny denim bum short and a figure hugging top, she defied the odds. There have been a lot of negative comments about the way the comedian dresses but she seems to undisturbed by such malicious sentiments. At one time she was castigated for wearing a bikini and some people said it was not befitting for a married woman dress up in such a manner. She defended herself and said that she is still a young woman and her husband had no issues with her type of dressing.

There was an air of bliss and romance as the two strutted their stuff and shared some magical moments. Madam boss and her husband do share a special bond. Their relationship has left many people puzzled as they endeavour to break societal stereotypes on how people should enjoy marriage. They are also formidable business patnere

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