These 5 lawyers were arrested this year

Law has often been referred to as the noble profession. It is every parent’s dream to see their kid attaining that law degree. These lawyers have been making the headlines for various reasons. Here is a list of the most talked about lawyers of 2020.

1 Advocate Thabani Mpofu

Although he has always been a hot shot lawyer with an impressive list of achievements, Thabani Mpofu became even more popular following his arrest this year. The advocate was charged with various criminal offences including obstruction of justice. The man who had impressed so many people with his sharp brains and legal jargon in the Constitutional court case challenging election results found himself on the bitter end this year. Photos of him at police holding cells flooded social media. He has since been released on bail.

2 Job Sikhala
Most people know him as a politician but Job Sikhala is also a lawyer who actually runs his own law firm. Sikhala was arrested several times this year on charges of treason and inciting public violence. At one point,when arrest seemed imminent, he had to hide in the bushes before being court.

3 Admire Rubaya
The energetic and shrewd lawyer never saw it coming when he was arrested a few months ago. Rubaya suffered a distressing period when a Bulawayo judge threw him behind the cage after his lawyer failed to turn up for court. He later on sought leave to sue the judge whom he accused of infringing his constitutional rights.

4 Advocate Hashiti
Yet another sharp brain in the legal field, Advocate Hashiti was also picked up by police on a slew of criminal charges. He was later released on bail. The eloquent lawyer is well known within legal circles for his sharp legal acumen.

5 Advocate Fadzayi Mahere
Mahere became an easy target when she made her political will known. She joined the MDC and became its spokesperson. Although she had been briefly arrested previously, she did not foresee that an innocent march in support of the #Zimbabwean lives matter movement would lead to another brush with police authorities. She was arrested together with other activists after peacefully marching in the streets whilst holding placards. She spent the night in the cells before being given temporary bail relief at court. Her charge, inciting violence

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