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Zim fit mums, Moana saga takes a new twist

A comment purpoted to have been made by Zim fit mums has been trending on social media. The embarrassing jab aimed at Moana has been a topical subject online. A comment was passed under Zim fit mum’s Instagram account that Moana is in the habit of having a threesome with flamboyant business man Ginimbi.

This drew the attention of many and enraged group of Moana loyalists. They called Zim fit mums to book. The fitness fanatic has however cleared the air on the nasty comment. She claims her account was hacked and she is not even aware of the author of the threesome comment.

Moana on the other hand had been so enraged by the comment. The two ladies have not had any encounters of such a nature in the past. While both ladies are obsessed with staying fit and keeping their bodies in check, there has never been any reported beef between them.

Social media users have reacted with mixed emotions to the allegation that Zim fit mum’s account was hacked. While some might have believed her side of the story, others have called for proof that indeed she was not in control of her account when the comment was passed.

Moana is a well known actress, fitness bunny and media personality. She has starred in videos of prominent artists including Jah Prayzah and Enzo ishall. She is quite famous for her fitness videos which she regurlaly posts online

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