Soapie lovers heartbroken over Omphile and CeeJay emotional scene#Scandal

Soapie lovers have been opening up about a heartbreaking scene from Scandal. The popular South African soapie has a wide audience. Social media users have been talking about the scene in which CeeJay decided to give his new girlfriend Mary a hot lingerie piece that former flame Omphile had purchased. The look on Omphile’s face summed up her feelings and left viewers heartbroken and a few shedding a few tears. It follows that Omphile was unaware that CeeJay had since moved on and was dating Mary. Scandal directors and producers have been given the thumbs up for such a creative and emotional scene.

Scandal has a large following both on television and on social media. All the juicy scandals and captivating story lines have attracted massive viewership over the years.

In this particular scene, viewers were drawn to Omphile’s plight. The role is played by South Africa is Got Talent 2012 winner Botlhale Boikanyo. The actress is clearly talented and nailed her performance. The look of hurt and disappointment on her face as CeeJay handed over the lingerie piece to Mary is difficult to explain. It was priceless. It was well articulated. One could swear it was from a real life event. Omphile made her acting debut in Scandal in 2015. Her role has always been portrayed as that of a sweet, loving and understanding person. She is also hell bent on getting good grades on her studies. Viewers are expectantly waiting to see how the love triangle will work

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