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Top 10 most energetic musicians of 2020

Being a performer is no child’s play. Our favourite musicians have to put in a lot of energy into their performances in order to impress large crowds. Here are the top ten most energetic singers we know.

1 Ammara Brown
The daughter of late musician Andy Brown must have learnt a thing or two from her famous father as evidenced by her live performances. Ammara represents life and energy. She is an accomplished dancer and her energy just resonates through her various routines.

2 Jah Prayzah
Anyone who has been to a Jah Prayzah show will testify of the singer’s energetic vibe. The tall singer knows his stuff and is always hyped up.

3 Winky D
Even if the zimdancehall chanter is belting out a slow tune, you cannot miss his energy.

4 Van Choga
Van Choga has his own style of singing and he brings out his craft through some acrobatic and flexible moves. Even his vocals are always on an all time high.

5 Jah Signal
Jah Signal can jump to heights that no one could ever imagine. It seems there is an electric surge of energy that sparks off when he hits the stage.

6 Mai Nga
Kapfupi’s wife, Mai Nga is also a hit when she takes to the stage. In spite of her huge frame, she can dance like someone possessed.

7 Alick Macheso
It was his slow motion dance that propelled him to stardom but behind that slow move the singer also has a bag full of tricks. Macheso is one of the pioneers of the Borrowdale dance, something that requires energy and skill.

8 Sandra Ndebele
Sandra is one active performer. Her weight is no barrier to her hype.

9 Kapfupi
You could almost mistake him for a mad man due to his nature. Kapfupi really puts in all his might whenever he goes on stage.

10 Jah Master

The Hello Mwari hitmaker is also very energetic

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