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Sekuru Banda comes to Gringo’s aid

Sekuru Banda has been applauded for lending a helping hand to ailing comedian Gringo. Known as Lazarus Boora in the arts industry, Gringo is said to be seriously ill. He underwent an operation early this year and seemed to have recovered only to fall sick again.

While most people have been expressing heartbreak and showing support for the comedian, Sekuru Banda decided to step in and help financially. He has undertaken to pay all of Gringo’s medical fees. The famous traditional healer is no stranger to doing good deeds. Early this year, he assisted another comedian Marabha with money and even built him a house. His charitable acts have indeed been commended by most.

Gringo rose to fame by playing a cunning gardener in a television production by the same name. He was quite popular for his never ending appetite for food and for pulling out crazy stunts. Gringo was a hit back in the days and he kept audiences roaring with laughter whenever he appeared on screen.

When Gringo fell sick earlier on and required urgent medical attention, he was assisted by socialite Pokello. She paid his medical bills. Other celebrities also stepped in and mobilised resources for his upkeep. Fans have expressed on social media that they are praying for a quick recovery of their favourite comedian. Some are even hopeful of his comeback in the arts industry.

Sekuru Banda is well known for his healing powers. Apart from his calling as a traditional healer he has proved that he has a good heart. Most prominent celebrities have been spotted at his house for consultations.

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