Street kid fight ends in murder


A rather unfortunate event unfolded in the streets of Harare recently. According to reports and pictures circulating on social media, two street kids were involved in a nasty brawl resulting in a tragic end. The two had a fight over a cellphone. Apparently one of the street kids lost his phone and suspected that the other had stolen it. He confronted him and the two ended up taking each other with fist fights. In an attempt to get the so called thief to confess and give back his phone, the street kid stabbed his nemesis with a broken bottle resulting in his death.

The event occured in Harare. Gruesome images of the lifeless body of the other homeless kid have been circulating on social media. Most people have expressed shock and disbelief at the incident. Some street kids are notorious for their gangsterism and ill mannered attitude. Some have suffered humiliating and terrible conduct at the hands of young, homeless kids who at times grab food, wigs and even sexually harass passers by.

There are many dangers associated with living in the streets and these young kids live on the edge. While the issue of the cellphone could have been resolved amicably, the young men decided to solve the issue in a violent manner resulting in a tragic demise.

With the coming in of yet another covid induced lockdown, many have been left wondering about the fate of these homeless kids who have since made the streets their home.

The unfortunate incident has been cause for concern. It follows that life should not be lost willy nilly. The matter could have been handled in a more civilised way. Those commenting about the incident on social media said the culprit should face the full wrath of the law. Others questioned whether the duo was drunk on the day in question. What remains certain is that the loss of life could have been avoided.

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