10 Ways to Find Free or Cheap eBooks

eBooks have become the new way of reading and studying in this day and age. The only challenge comes in at the price of most of the eBooks which is expensive.There are plenty of places to find great ebooks for free or at a good discount. Please note that some platforms have terms and conditions so take care to read them. Below are 10 places you can find free or cheap ebooks.

10 Ways to Find Free or Cheap eBooks
10 Ways to Find Free or Cheap eBooks














1. Local library

eBooks are now being made available in local libraries. You can check for which books you can get free or rent with a membership card.

2. Internet Archives

TheΒ internet archive offers individuals access to free ebooks. Often these come withΒ some restrictions on bulk re-use and commercial use.Β 


On, you can rent, buy and sell electronic versions of your literature textbooks.
The platform give you a 360 day according as through subscription.

4.Β Search Overdrive

Overdrive is a free search site where you can search local libraries and bookstores for audiobooks, eBooks, music, video. It features various formats.

5.Β Norton eBooks

Norton eBooks allow you to access books from W.W. Norton. With these ebook editions, you can highlight, take notes, print chapters, and search the textβ€”it’s perfect for any literature student/lover.

6.Β Lending eBooks is a free service allows you to share your Kindle and Nook eBooks with other readers. The site features a blog.

7.Β EBookfling

This online service is free to joinβ€”you can “fling” any Kindle or Nook book at other readers connected with the site, and “catch” the titles you want to read. When you lend the books in your collection, you receive credits, which allow you to borrow books for free. The lending/borrowing period is: 14 days (your book is returned at that time).

8.Β BookBub

BookBub sends you email alerts when there’s a great deal on books that match your interests. The alerts are also based on where you buy your ebooks. You can also access the updates via Facebook and Twitter.

9. eReaderIQ monitors your titles and lets you know when they are available in Kindle format. This service offers Daily “Deals and Freebies” via email subscription, an RSS feed, and mobile access (optimized for Kindle and iPad).

10.Β Hundred Zeros

Hundred Zeros features ebooks that are available for free on All you need to do is subscribe to a newsletter.

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