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5 Reasons Young Africans Should Be Educated

June 16 is a very important date for note only South Africans but young Africans across the continent. On this day inΒ 1976 a group of students mobilised themselves against the introduction of Afrikaans being compulsory in black schools. Over 10, 000 unarmed students peacefully protested however as told in history a number lost their lives. This day and the heritage from the boldness and courage of those young people has inspired many young Africans to seek better for their education. There has been emphasis on the importance for education for young Africans. Due to a number of factors including poverty and war, the continent still struggles to get to the place where there are educated young people. Education is without a doubt crucial to the success of students to compete for jobs, create employment and move towards development. There is much need to receive education and below are reasons for young Africans to be educated.



1.Education helps fight Exploitation.

As a continent that has gone through colonisation, poverty and war, education empowers Β young Africans to know their rights. The ability to read and write plus knowledge acquired on reasoning through education means that one understands justice. This helps fight against corruption, crime and abuse.

2.Education stimulates the Economy.

The education system is created in a way to empower the young person at every level from toddlers all the way to adulthood. Education creates skills that make one get employed or create employment. This means income and profits hence encouraging consumerism. When there is a balance is supply and demand this boosts a country’s economy.

3. Education promotes good health and lowers risks of diseases

Education campaigns in schools, communities and even at health facilities encourages better health care. Studies show that girls who attend school are three times less likely to become HIV-positive. Young people and communities are better equipped to live healthy lives as well as support medical care.

4. Education unleashes new talent and ideas

Education promotes innovation and nurtures talent hence promoting development. In the past few years with the introduction of technology in school curriculum, there has been a rise in new inventions from students. Education helps with promoting open mindedness and promotes creativity.

5.Education prevents Crime.

School, professional training, home work– if teenagers are busy they do not loiter the streets, do not steal and they do not take drugs. A school diploma provides an alternative for a criminal career or the daily misery.

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